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Selected german speakers

  •  Christian Baudis Christian Baudis
    Former managing director of Google Germany GmbH
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas BauernhanslProf. Dr. Thomas Bauernhansl
    head of the Institute of Industrial Manufacturing and Management ...
  •  Bruno Baumann Bruno Baumann
    Adventurer, Film-Maker, Expert in Motivation & Success
  •  Dieter Baumann Dieter Baumann
    Multiple German Champion & Olympic Champion in Distance Race
  •  Karoline Beck Karoline Beck
    Entrepreneur of the Year 2007, Former Chairman of the Bund Junger ...
  •  Wilfried Beeck Wilfried Beeck
    One of the Founders of Intershop Inc
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Christian BergProf. Dr. Dr. Christian Berg
    Physician, Philosopher, Theologian and Engineer
  • Prof. Roland BergerProf. Roland Berger
    Leading Management Consultant
  • Dr. Rolf BerthDr. Rolf Berth
    Founder & Director of Academy for Innovation & Corporate Design, ...
  •  Anselm Bilgri Anselm Bilgri
    Management-Consultant, Author, Expert on Management-Ehtics
  •  Willy Bogner Willy Bogner
    Former Alpine Ski Racer, Entrepreneur, Filmmaker
  • Prof. Dr. Norbert BolzProf. Dr. Norbert Bolz
    Professor for Communication, Media Theory & Chaos Management
  •  René Borbonus René Borbonus
    Communication-Coach, Author, Keynote Speaker
  • Dr. Christine BortenlängerDr. Christine Bortenlänger
    First Female CEO of the German Stock Exchange
  •  Wolfgang Bosbach Wolfgang Bosbach
    German politician of the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU)
  • Dr. David BosshartDr. David Bosshart
    Futurologist - Former CEO of the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute
  • Dr. Josef BramlDr. Josef Braml
    Renowned USA expert, book author, publicist
  •  Paul Breitner Paul Breitner
    German International Footballing Legend, european and world-champion
  •  Klaus Bresser Klaus Bresser
    Former Chief Presentor of "Heute-Journal", ZDF Current Affairs TV ...
  • Professor Dr. Herwig BrunnerProfessor Dr. Herwig Brunner
    Renowned expert on Bio- and Nano-Technology.
  • Prof. Erik BrynjolfssonProf. Erik Brynjolfsson
    Leading Authority on the Economics of IT
  •  Thomas Bubendorfer Thomas Bubendorfer
    Famous active extreme mountaineer - bestselling author
  • Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg BullingerProf. Dr. Hans-Jörg Bullinger
    Leading Expert in Information Technology Management, President of ...
  • Dr. Friedhelm BuschDr. Friedhelm Busch
    Expert in Finance & Stock Exchange