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Ways to a new world order

The world order is changing, there is a new competition of systems, different canons of values collide, risks of global interdependencies become clear through COVID 19 and climate change: A historical caesura around the constitution of power beyond a rule-based order.The USA’s turn away from unilateralism is not convincing; the U.S. is no longer the global political hegemon and is undergoing a geostrategic, Asia-Pacific realignment.China cannot be denied the status of "global" player through its geo-economic mega-project "Belt and Road Initiative". In parallel, Russian imperialism and nationalism must be vigilantly observed, and continental European foreign and security policy needs to be questioned. A strategic EU positioning in order not to be a fragmented pawn, but an autonomous and geopolitical force.The following personalities will discuss these questions:
Dr. h.c. Anders Fogh Rasmussen
He has been at the centre of European and global politics for three decades as Secretary General of NATO, Prime Minister of Denmark, Danish Minister of Economic Affairs, and a leading Danish parliamentarian. During his time with NATO, he developed a new Strategic Concept, which set the Alliance’s core priorities for the future. In the midst of the most serious economic crisis in recent time, he launched “Smart Defence” to help nations make more efficient use of their resources through more multinational cooperation
Prof. Dr. Niall Ferguson
Professor of Political and Financial History at Harvard University and Bestselling Author is one of the world's leading historians of the global economy. He is a regular contributor to television and radio on both sides of the Atlantic and a prolific commentator on contemporary politics and economics. He uses his detailed research into economic and political developments and analyses current trends and shows businesses how useful lessons can be learned from previous events.
Andrei Kozyrev
Foreign minister of the Russian Federation between 1990-1996, and member of the Duma (Russian Parliament) till 2000. In 1998 he accepted an appointment to the board of Directors of the US Company, ICN Pharmaceuticals and since is a member of the board of a number of Russian and international companies. He is a professor at the Moscow Institute of International Relations.
Joschka Fischer
Former Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor (Germany). Thanks to his extensive experience as the voice and as a decision maker in politics, Joschka Fischer gives not only an insight into the tendencies of international political developments and the socio and business scene, but also demonstrates what it takes to successfully negotiate on the international platform. His leadership skills and his outstanding rhetoric qualities have made him one of the most requested political speakers across the globe.
Dr. Parag Khanna
leading Global Strategy Advisor, world traveler, and Best-Selling Author. He is Founder and Managing Partner of FutureMap, a data and scenario based strategic advisory firm. Parag has been an adviser to the US National Intelligence Council’s Global Trends 2030 program.

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