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China's New Silk Road - A Project of Global Power

The economic superpower China is on its way to the West with the "New Silk Road" project. This gigantic (infrastructure) project is a new economic belt along the previous trade route between East and West which was of significant importance until the 14th century.It is no longer about gold, jade, spices, silk, recipes and religion but about the increase of power combined with a global re-organisation. The ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ links 65 countries and around two-thirds of the world's population and sends a clear message from China claiming its new position and expecting the world to align itself with the "Middle Kingdom" and its unconditional will.The following well-known experts share their different perspectives on this topic:
The Rt Hon. Chris Patten
Former European Commissioner for External Relations and Former Governor of Hong Kong. Using the lessons learned in Hong Kong Lord Patten is able to offer audiences tremendous insights into dealing with the Chinese. As a recent EU Commissioner he also has a wealth of expertise in European as well as global politics and economics. He is ideally qualified to advise organisations keen to expand in Europe and further a field.
Dr. Jung Chang
is the author of the best-selling book Wild Swans – Three Daughters of China, which has sold over 12 million copies and been translated into 30 languages. Her spellbinding lectures, charting the dramatic developments in 20th Century China, provide a truly, unique and inspiring experience and help audiences to understand Chinese culture and the challenges of 21st Century globalisation.
Joschka Fischer
Former Foreign Minister and Vice-Chancellor (Germany). Thanks to his extensive experience as the voice and as a decision maker in politics, Joschka Fischer gives not only an insight into the tendencies of international political developments and the socio and business scene, but also demonstrates what it takes to successfully negotiate on the international platform. His leadership skills and his outstanding rhetoric qualities have made him one of the most requested political speakers across the globe.
Frank Sieren
China and Asia! For many viewers still a book with some seals, politically, economically. Not for author Frank Sieren, columnist of Handelsblatt lives in Beijing for more than a decade. The prestigious London Times refer to him as the "leading China expert in Germany".The graduate political scientist can refer to the keywords China and Asia on all topics. Sieren has decrypted most of China's secrets, and anyone who wants to share his insights should read or listen to his books on China.
Prof. Marcel Fratzscher
has been President of the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW Berlin) since 1 February 2013. He teaches macroeconomics and finance at the Humboldt University Berlin, is a member of the Advisory Council of the Federal Ministry of Economics and one of the leading German-speaking economists regarding research publications. Founded in 1925, DIW Berlin (the German Institute for Economic Research) is one of the leading economic research institutes in Germany.

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