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CSA Speaker Bulletin

CSAThe Speaker Bulletin is packed with valuable information about important events, news and trends in the Speaker Industry and also gives invaluable insights into the activities of the global CSA network (Celebrity Speakers Associates).

The Speaker News is usually published several times per year and periodically to coincide with important occasions. If you would like to subscribe to the Speaker News, which will be published in English, please fill in the form below. The Speaker News will be sent via email.

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THE ROLE OF Technology & Geopolitics - by Anders Fogh Rasmussen
Anders Fogh Rasmussen is a former Prime Minister of Denmark and Former NATO Secretary General. Anders is a keynote business speaker and now runs his own consultancy, where he focuses on international security challenges, from both a technology and business view, and geopolitical trends.
CSA Speaker Bulletin January 2020Technology is at the centre of the global competition between the world’s democracies on one side and autocracies such as China and Russia on the other side.

The artificial intelligence race will not only affect national security but also influence how multinational corporations and financial institutions operate.

While independent multinationals serve consumers and many diverse shareholders, Chinese corporations underpin the technological and political ambitions of the Communist Party. Under pressure, some Western governments are tempted by more interventionist and protectionist policies to win the battle for technological dominance. In this brave new world, geopolitics and cyberspace are likely to become
ever more interconnected, especially as technology transfers are becoming politically more sensitive.

Multinational corporations will find it hard to stay away from geopolitical issues. Now more than ever, private companies have a role to play in safeguarding the world in which we all live and prosper. Now is the time to strengthen cooperation between
the world’s democracies and ensure that technological development is anchored in democratic norms.

The race for AI supremacy, Europe’s attempts to achieve ‘digital sovereignty’, and the role of tech in geopolitics are matters that I plan to work and speak on in the months and years ahead..... » view CSA Speaker Bulletin

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Prof. Harald Welzer diskutiert bei Maischberger (ARD) über die korrekte Strategie im Ukraine-Krieg

Diskussionspartnerin von Prof. Dr. Harald Welzer (Foto Jens Steingässer), Soziologe und Sozialpsychologe, Mitbegründer und Direktor von


2. TV-Debatte der republikanischen Bewerber für die Präsidentschaft der USA

Nur einer war wieder nicht bei der 2. TV-Debatte der Republikaner dabei, Ex-Präsident Donald Trump (Amtszeit 2017 bis 2021), in der Amts-Geschichte


Speaker of the Week

Prof. Dr. h.c. mult. Ranga Yogeshwar

Physicist and explains science for everyone in a clear and understandable way, not only in the show "Quarks & Co." (until 2018). For him, science is an essential and exciting part of life that needs to be explored, questioned and communicated. "Jeden Tag einen Happen Erkenntnis" is the motto of the ARD program "Wissen vor 8," which he developed and hosted.

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