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CSAThe Speaker Bulletin is packed with valuable information about important events, news and trends in the Speaker Industry and also gives invaluable insights into the activities of the global CSA network (Celebrity Speakers Associates).

The Speaker News is usually published several times per year and periodically to coincide with important occasions. If you would like to subscribe to the Speaker News, which will be published in English, please fill in the form below. The Speaker News will be sent via email.

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THE SILENT MAJORITY THAT FAVOURS FREE TRADE - by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, CEO of Rasmussen Global, Former Secretary General of NATO and Prime Minister of Denmark
CSA Speaker Bulletin December 2017 - CoverIt’s a frequently repeated message that globalisation and free trade has gone out of fashion. How else do you explain the success of the Vote Leave campaign in the EU referendum in the United Kingdom and the rise of Donald Trump? But perhaps the answer is less clear cut. A Pew Research Center survey from November 2017 shows that a majority of Americans (56 percent) believe NAFTA is “good for the U.S.,” and only 33 percent say it is bad. And the percentage of Republicans saying that trade helped the U.S. economy surged over 20 points from 2016 to 2017. In Europe, you see a similar trend. A recent Eurobarometer study showed that 73% of all EU citizens view free trade as positive and a similar study showed that more than sixty percent of Europeans think that globalisation is an opportunity for economic growth.

It’s time to take a more nuanced approach to trade policy. After all, free trade brings net benefits for both societies and people; but adjustments to trade patterns can also leave communities and individuals behind, with the gains dispersed widely and the losses often concentrated locally. The right policies are needed to create a more solid basis for future trade so that everybody can see that the international trading system is creating prosperity for everyone, based on common rules and reciprocity. But, as well as making sure that free trade is also fair, it’s also time for Western political leaders to begin proudly standing up for the benefits of free trade.... » view CSA Speaker Bulletin

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Wolfgang Bosbach im Kölner Stadtanzeiger über den Koalititonsvertrag

Wolfgang Bosbach ist ein medial sehr präsenter deutscher CDU-Politiker und seit 1991 auch zugelassener und tätiger Rechtsanwalt. 2013 zog


Sandra Navidi aus Davos zugeschaltet

Sandra Navidi ist eine exzellente Finanzexpertin, insbesondere beim Nachrichtensender NTV ist sie eine gefragte Interview-Partnerin. Seit


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