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Speakers Who Engage - Book through Redner & Perspektiven, the Global Speakers Agency!

Are you looking for a speaker for your event, or a personality who is not only an outstanding expert in his field but also someone who is charismatic and eloquent? You are right to trust in Redner & Perspektiven. We bring you and your business together with internationally renowned personalities, keynote speakers, moderators, discussion partners, coaches and advisors. 

Different Perspectives For Intelligent Discussions

What have Joseph Stiglitz, Joschka Fischer and Václav Klaus, Dr. Ulf Merbold and Dr. Gertrud Höhler in common? They are all part of the extensive list of more than 1000 distinguished speakers of Redner & Perspektiven. 

All political, economic and social processes are based on people’s imagination and creativity, on people who develop and implement new ideas. Dialogue is a fundamental part of all processes in any society. The more advanced the dialogue is, the higher the benefit is for those involved. Redner & Perspektiven, the Global Speaker Agency, brings you closer to the greatest minds of our time, pioneers and creative thinkers, who share with you their ideas to inspire and provide you with fresh insights. Whether at lectures, round tables, keynote speeches or meetings of the highest level – a personal meeting with a top speaker can only be a benefit to you. With Redner & Perspektiven, the Global Speaker Agency, you discover today the challenges of tomorrow. 

Speakers from Redner & Perspektiven: We care!

We not only provide the right speaker for your event: Redner & Perspektiven, the Global Speakers Agency, analyses your needs right from the start and provides you with all relevant information, speakers’ availability and assists you throughout the whole process starting with the planning before and during your event and also after its conclusion. If you are looking for a speaker, we will find the ideal person.

Redner & Perspektiven is a global speaker agency with contacts to leading personalities from around the world. As a partner of Europe's leading and global speaker bureau Celebrity Speakers (CSA), we operate within a global network of speakers agencies. If you are interested in booking a speaker who meets your high expectations, please contact us!

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Speaker of the Week

Martin Wezowski

The SAP’s Chief Futurist. He is responsible for SAP's long term innovation vision as a fundament for SAP's corporate foresight and innovation strategy. He's mission is to "know and show what is next for SAP and the future of work", more specifically, he crafts future software and platform concepts, narratives and outlooks, defines and runs innovation frameworks to prepare SAP’s and it's vast ecosystem for the future.

Gregor Gysi bei RTL und n-tv im „Frühstart“ - "Die Linke ist in einer existenziellen Krise"

Diplom-Jurist Dr. jur. Gregor Gysi ist Rechtsanwalt und Politiker (DIE LINKE). Ab 2005 war er Fraktionsvorsitzender der Linksfraktion, seit


Die 60. Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz (MSC) vom 16. bis 18. Februar 2024

Die Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz (MSC – Munic Security Conference) ist das vom 16. bis 18. Februar 2024 zum 60. Mal stattfindende, weltweit