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Urban Express

Das neue Buch von Prof. Kjell Norström - einer der weltweit gefragtesten und originellsten Managementberater. Er lehrt am Institute for International Business der Stockholm School of Economics und ist Autor und Unternehmensberater. Seine Bücher „Funky Business“ und „Karaoke Capitalism“, die er mit seinem Partner Jonas Ridderstråle geschrieben hat,  sind Bestseller unter den Wirtschaftsbüchern und wurden in über 30 Sprachen übersetzt. Er führt die Liste der internationalen Top Business Strategen an.

Dr Kjell A Nordström, advisor to global enterprises and well known economist and Per Schlingmann, communications consultant and former politician, decided to let their worldviews meet. The result of their meeting is the book Urban Express. This book can be said to be the result of the authors gathered wild skills.

Throughout the book the authors tackels the complex task of interpreting the present. They claim that we live and work in a stage they describe as ”The end of Future”. The authors do not insinuate that the future is over, they claim that the future is unpredictable. Our ability to predict the future, what the effects of human activities and technological development will be, no one knows.

Kjell and Per proceed to describe and reflect on the present. Based on their analysis follows a series of concrete steps to navigate the unpredictable future.

The most dramatic change for humans is that traditional knowledge is no longer enough. No matter how great the universities of today may be, they only teach basic knowledge. This knowledge is important but not sufficient. The knowledge that you can pass on to text or word has become basic knowledge. All knowledge that can be captured and articulated can be digitized. Anything that can be digitized can be copied. The value of this knowledge will therefore decrease. What can not be digitized and copied will have a high value and be sought after. In order to succeed today something more is required. Wild knowledge.

They examine and develop this new concept and describes the best way to acquire and benefit from wild knowledge.

The authors use their common and extensive experience in finance, politics and communication to draw the picture of whats happening in the world and offers tools, mindset and tips for navigating the new life that is emerging. They show how knowledge, globalization and how our time real blockbuster – the City – affects the conditions for people, businesses, and how the world can be controlled.

Even today, it is cities rather than countries that compete for everything, from investments to talent. The urban is the new black. Multinational corporations are multi urban businesses. The cities are developed to mingels where everyone is invited, but where competition for seconds in the center is razor sharp. At these mingels talent, capital and ideas meet. The new and unique wins.

Competition is fierce, the codes are invisible and very few can simultaneously exist in the center of this urban party, at the same time everyone is welcome.

On this journey through the changes in the world, the authors note a few things that will have dramatic consequences for everyone. In addition to explaining why it is so important to indulge chance, find your wild knowledge and mingle in the new age urban party, they have gathered their most important tips for how to successfully navigate this world of cities.

In the pursuit of the ideas that will be winning there is a lot to learn from Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). And this applies to all companies and organizations. Anyone who dare to rethink the foundations of their business and how to look upon themselves will find a much wider field of possibilities . AA offers a tool which guides you to think outside yourself.

By applying Anonymous Alcoholics proven and successful twelve step program the authors create new and unique steps which is the basis for being able to think outside yourself, an ability that is critical to take advantage of and embrase new opportunities. The reader is invited to create their own performance, and is challenged to be open to what that is new and unexplored. Per and Kjell shows through their method how to proceed.

The result of their reasoning is 15 Urban laws needed to navigate the new world.

The authors provides the reader with the tools to throw themselfs into the urban party and offer guidance on how to become a central figure at the mingle. This is where money meets talent and ideas. This is where the new world is emerging.

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